“My two boys have had guitar lessons with Steve for the past eighteen months. The one thing which impressed me the most (apart from the incredible knowledge and skill of all the instruments he teaches), is his extreme caring and gentle nature and withstanding patience with the children. Many a times where I would have given up on them, Steve showed a quiet, gentle perseverance which impressed me (and which the kids responded to!). Steve’s passion for music and teaching others is evident and I would highly recommend him. Over the years, having learnt music myself, I can say he is one of the best music teachers I have come across.”Maree Turner (guitar lessons)

“Steve is everything you’d want in a music teacher. He’s a talented professional musician who genuinely wants you to do well and really makes you feel as if you’re making progress. Steve’s also incredibly patient. I massacre some of his favourite music with my squeaks and squawks (saxophone, beginner) week in, week out and still he finds something positive to say.” – Anna Evangeli (saxophone lessons)

“My son and I have been really happy with Steve. I found Steve to be professional, humble and insightful.   More importantly my child left classes significantly happier than when he arrived.  As his learning progressed quickly, I became confident Steve was great value for money (and I did not need to oversee any progress.)” – Kathryn Lynch (guitar lessons)

“By the 2nd lesson, I was actually playing music! That’s the difference when you learn from a talented musician. Steve combines theory with his own creative musicianship to tailor classes and help you meet your personal musical goals. Steve’s teaching style is always positive and encouraging. I feel like I make progress every single week. I highly recommend Steve to anyone of any age who wants to take up music in the most enjoyable way.”Hebbat Manhy (saxophone lessons)

“Steve taught my two sons (aged 8 and 10) from a beginner level. He was very patient with them both with a good structure to his lessons. They love coming to lessons. Easy parking, an area for parents to sit in and observe without being in the way and reasonably priced. Thanks Steve!” – Elissa Rao (piano lessons)

“Our Daughter has been having Saxophone lessons with Steve for the past 5 years and we can’t recommend Steve highly enough! He is patient and encouraging and always knows when she needs a challenge. He teaches her musical theory in the context of playing a new piece, and encourages her to compose her own music. Steve is a highly accomplished Saxophonist and this is very motivating, he communicates very well and is unquestionably trustworthy and reliable.” – Renae Giles (saxophone lessons)

“I can highly recommend Steve Arié as a bass teacher. Steve is a very talented musician and is able to translate that talent into his teaching. His manner is encouraging, friendly and respectful. His lessons are interesting and varied, and while his manner is easygoing he is able to push you in a positive way to ensure you are making progress.”Tom Beale (double bass lessons)

“Steve is a caring teacher who is patient and makes learning music enjoyable. I like the way he plays music alongside me and helps me set and achieve my personal music goals. He’s funny, helpful and is extremely knowledgeable. He’s helped me develop my skills and strengthened my love and enjoyment of playing music.” – Bronte (14 year old, saxophone lessons)

“Steve is a wonderful teacher. I took guitar lessons with him for a couple of years as a beginning adult learner, and only stopped due to an injury. He is incredibly patient, able to explain difficult concepts in a way that makes them accessible, and he’ll get you playing great pieces fast. Steve is an exceptional musician and he is also a lovely person.” – Karen Webs (guitar lessons)

“Steve had tutored both my kids on a Saxophone over the 8 year period. As a teacher, he is patient and encourages students who has brought out potential in both of my kids. He understands when to challenges a student to get the best out of them and when to guide them through the fundamentals to ensure that they play at their full potential. I highly recommend Steve if you are looking for a music tutor or want to be a Sax player who want to learn from the best in the business.” – Bob Picatoste (saxophone lessons)

“I have known Mr. Steve Arie for the past year as a guitar teacher for my two children, Sarah and Daniel Azzi. I found Steve to be an outstanding teacher for my children. He has a wonderful manner with the children and is encouraging and reliable. Steve takes the time to listen and also shows the children to grow as entertainers by encouraging the children to perform in public when the opportunity arises.

Steve is disciplined in his teaching ethic by encouraging children to complete homework and practice their skills during the week. I have found Steve to always be on time and structured in the planning of the weekly lessons. The children have also been taught and encouraged to write and record songs of their own.

Steve does not drive a certain music genre but encourages the children to listen to all types of music and then choose the style that they prefer to play to.

As a business owner Steve displays brilliant organisational skills, management of fees and reliability. Steve communicates with parents regarding the progress of their child and has become a great friend of myself and my children. I would highly recommend Steve to any parent or music school looking for a brilliant teacher who is not just encouraging to the children but also teaches children the importance of music in their lives, to encourage overall growth, development and confidence.”Maris Azzi (guitar and electric bass lessons)

“Steve has been a very patient teacher, encouraging me in the learning of the saxophone. As a mature age student, he is able to quickly develop rapport, and seems to be quite intuitive in picking up on my preferred learning style. I’d recommend Steve as a great music teacher,……..he’s very relaxed in his teaching style.”Rick Daly, Principal, Rydalmere Public School (saxophone lessons)

“Steve’s lessons are a wonderful mix of the basic mechanics of playing an instrument, challenging kids on scales and music theory and fantastic fun of jamming with even the earliest beginner musician! For the first time I understood why they say boys benefit from having male teachers.”Liza Schaeper (double bass lessons)

“Steve Arie is a talented musician who has been teaching our son guitar for 3 years. Our son enjoys each lesson thoroughly. He has progressed and advanced to a competent level and always looks forward to his next lesson to impress his teacher with what he has been taught. Steve is an enthusiastic and engaging teacher. We are very happy and would highly recommend his service.” – Linda Nankivell (guitar lessons)

“Steve is an excellent music teacher, that approaches​ music in a holistic manner that allows students to explore the instruments while having fun. My 2 daughters loved his classes, guitar and piano, and even composed a couple of songs with Steve’s help. I recommend Steve to young children starting to get to know their musical talents.”
Flavia Silva (guitar and piano lessons)

“I am an adult student and found Steve by accident whilst browsing the web looking for a guitar teacher. Steve has great patience and is incredibly encouraging and very knowledgeable about music. He is very professional in his teachings, and is a very talented musician (plays many instruments) and I would highly recommend him.”Lorraine Costa (guitar lessons)

“Steve is a fabulous teacher; totally professional in his approach and able to communicate effectively with his students. It’s also great that he is able to teach a multitude of instruments equally well. I’d recommend Steve as a teacher to anyone who wants to learn any of the instruments he plays.” Pascal Adolphe (guitar lessons)

“I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the saxophone with Steve, and find that I’m constantly being challenged to learn something new in every lesson. I’d highly recommend Steve to anyone who is willing to learn and wants to have fun in the process!”Sen Lin (saxophone lessons)

“Steve is a wonderful double bass teacher. He is always encouraging my son and gives great support. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone wishing to learn music in an enjoyable environment.”Julie Xu (double bass lessons)

“Steve’s friendly and encouraging nature allows our son to feel comfortable and supported while learning guitar. Steve teaches a good balance of fun songs and musical theory to help our son progress and broaden his musical horizons.” – Barn Coren (guitar lessons)

“I have been learning saxophone from scratch with Steve for about two years. Steve has a deep passion in music and solid knowledge of all instruments he teaches (I was truly impressed when he figured out the notes of an entire song just by listening to it on YouTube!). Apart from a good musician, he is also a good teacher. I really appreciate his gentle and patient teaching style. From sounding the instrument in my first lesson to improvising on blue scale in my last lesson, Steve has been providing great guidance and tailored instructions to help me improve on my skills. In addition, I like how Steve teaches me some basic music theories such as chord knowledge, counting skills and music sheet notations. These knowledge enable me to work on new songs and improvise independently and get truly engaged with the music world.”  – Harry Hu (saxophone lessons)

“Steve is a highly skilled musician with a passion for sharing his love for playing music. He worked well with Blake, who was new to learning bass. He was able to break the music down to manageable parts and could demonstrate the music theory that was needed. Steve was flexible in his approach, tapping in to the musical interests of Blake.”Vanessa (electric bass lessons)

“My daughter Alessi, is a beginner guitar student learning guitar techniques with Steve. Steve is an excellent teacher! He has great teaching methods and insight.” Marco Vargas (guitar lessons)double bass teachers

“Steve teaches my 10 year old daughter and me. He is very patient and  adapts to our individual learning speed. Within a few months, I quickly  learned enough to enjoy playing the bass guitar. I definitely recommend  Steve as a music teacher.” –  David Soucy (electric bass lessons)

“I shall be forever grateful to Steve Arié for being my guitar teacher. He is an incredibly gifted teacher and is constant in his enthusiasm, support and most valuable advice. He knows instantly what needs attention and sets great exercises that really work. Best of all, his great sense of humour makes all lessons FUN! I can only highly recommend him as the great teacher he is. Sincere thanks Steve.”Lynne Newman (guitar and electric bass lessons)

“I have found Steve to be a professional musical instructor. Steve is easy to deal with, has a good sense of humor and importantly of all, patient and encouraging when tutoring my son Anthony in guitar. I would encourage any student interested in music to learn under the professional eye of Steve.”Cathy Gambacorta (guitar lessons)

“Steve is extremely patient and passionate music teacher. My son absolutely loves going to his guitar lessons each week.”Teresa Renshaw (guitar lessons)

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