What days do you teach? I teach Mondays to Thursdays.

Are the lessons group classes or one on one? All lessons are one on one as I find this is the most effective way to learn.

My child does not have an instrument. Can we come for a lesson first before we decide to buy one? For guitar this is fine as I have a couple of instruments for students to use. For saxophone and bass you will need to get an instrument before you start lessons. You can hire a saxopohone quite easily and this is probably a better option if you are not sure how committed your child is.

I am a mature aged student and I have never played an instrument and know nothing about music. Is it too late to start learning? Definitely not. I have taught many mature aged students who have excelled on their instruments. Learning an instrument also has other benefits including being a form of relaxation, keeping the mind sharp and functioning, a way of meeting other people.

I used to play an instrument when I was at school. Will this help me now even though it was many years ago? Yes it definitely will. Many students are quite surprised at how much they remember when they start lessons again and it is an advantage having learnt an instrument as a child.

My child is 5 years old. Is that too young to start learning? This really depends on the child. I think it is a bit early for saxophone as the instrument is quite heavy for a small body to hold. Guitar is a good first instrument and I have had students start at the age of 5.

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